My Life

Welcome to my online world!

It may be small but it’s homely and you’re more than welcome to spend as much time here as you want. My name is Charlotte Oxborough and I’ve grown up in a small English town called Chesterfield. I always struggle to write about myself (unbelievable, I know) so I thought the best way for you to get to know me would be to do one of those all-so-popular ‘get to know me’ tags. Feel free to drop me an email and introduce yourself, I’d love to know who’s reading my blog!x

Middle name:
Rae. This is my favourite part of my name, it was given to me after the grandfather, Raymond. It is definitely going to be handed down to my own daughter when the time comes!

I’m a Libra! Born October 5th…

I am a Social Media Executive for a company called Social Media Makes Sense. We host the official Social Media platforms for hit ITV, BBC and Sky shows. As well as offer top training to individuals or groups.

Favourite drink:
I’ve recently gotten hooked on coffee, especially if it has a shot of caramel in it. But, I guess my all time favourite drink is freshly squeezed orange juice, the more bits the better. Or, pink lemonade. Or, peppermint tea. I’m struggling to decide.

Favourite film:
I have a major obsession for musicals, up until a few days ago Mamma Mia & Les Mis were joint first place. Then I watched ‘The Greatest Showman’. Holy moly, I’ve never been so thrilled in my life. What a beautiful film, if you haven’t seen it yet then I truly do recommend it.

Favourite book:
This is a very simple question for me, I am a Harry Potter NERD.

Favourite colour:
For as long as I can remember my favourite colour is sky blue, although as I get older it’s starting to turn more into a shade of duck egg blue.

My family pet has always been our blue staffy, Buzz. But now I’ve moved up to Manchester, I live in a house with a cat named Bruce. He’s a pain in the butt, always knocking stuff off shelves and chasing your feet up the stairs. But he’s a gem.

I’m native English so of course I speak English fluently. But I lived in Spain for the best part of last year so I can speak Spanish to a degree. Working level, I guess. I’m no Spanish pro though!

I have one little sister, and by little I mean she’s one year younger than me. I’m still the smallest in my family somehow.

My biggest fears include that sensation of dropping in your stomach – I love heights though! I also have an odd phobia of dead bodies, I have never seen one in my life but I can’t think of anything worse – love zombies though!

Why did I start blogging?:
I started because I was travelling (see below) and I wanted a place where I could update my family and friends all at the same time. I’ve struggled now that I’m back in England as I feel like I don’t lead an exciting enough life. But I actually have a very exciting job that I think would be of interest to my followers.