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Hello! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I know I’m a tad late to the party – 10 days late to be precise – but I needed a break over the Christmas period to be with my family and that’s exactly what I did! Now it’s 2018 and I’m back, ready to take the world by storm.
Talking of shiny new things, have you all seen my super-duper awesome blog revamp?
I absolutely adore it and I hope you do too.

I want to start the year by introducing you to my job because I think it’s going to play a big part in the future of this blog and the content I write.
I am a Social Media Coordinator/Marketing Executive. Yes, that job role is partly glamorised by the long, fancy, unnecessary wording but it is also very difficult to explain. Put simply, I do the Social Media for clients – more specifically – television production companies.

The company I work for is Social Media Makes Sense, a fantastic business led by two very inspirational women. We have an all-female office #GirlPower and we work very hard to present our clients in the best way possible. We work on many BBC and ITV shows such as Poldark, Victoria, Endeavour and The Last Post. One of our most recent releases is the ITV show Next of Kin – If you’re interested then check it out 9pm on Mondays.
I will list all of our handles below and any engagement would be appreciated – Follow for all the latest news on production, awards and competitions.

The reason I am sharing this information with you is because I want to start sharing some of our top tips for Social Media. We’re all here because we want to get our content seen and appreciated by others, but do we all know the best way of doing that? I have learnt so much since joining the team in September 2017 and I want to start sharing that knowledge. Words like SEO and SERP were once a foreign language to me and I didn’t even know that Analytics existed. Understanding the difference between a Macro and Micro Goal was impossible and I had no idea of the strength of mobile digital marketing in comparison to desktop. There are so many factors to having a Social Media strategy and posting a couple of times a week isn’t enough anymore. If you’re looking for any immediate tips or training for your business then don’t hesitate to get in contact:

I can’t wait to head into this year with you, make sure to follow me for regular updates on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and now social media tips! It’s going to be excitinggggg!

Lots of Love, Lottie xoxo

P.s. Here are all of our handles, check them out!

SMMS: Twitter & Instagram
Victoria: Twitter & Instagram
Poldark: Twitter & Instagram
Endeavour: Twitter
Mammoth Screen: Twitter & Instagram
Mainstreet Pictures: Twitter
Bonafide Films: Twitter


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