The Singing Forest

I know I said I wasn’t going to post again for a while but this topic is close to the heart of one of my family members and I would love to support him with his endeavour.

The Singing Forest. Even the name sounds magical and for all those who live around Lotherton Hall it genuinely will be a place of discovery and natural beauty. The idea is to create an outdoor musical trail, made up of handcrafted instruments that are triggered by the changing weather.

The walkthrough will be located at Lotherton Hall as part of the boundary trail, ‘rich with wildflowers, birds and panoramic views’. Hidden amongst the trees, the instruments will add warmth to the air with their sounds.

Working with sonic artist Matt Vaughn, they will create 12 large metal instruments; 3 Aeolian Harps (tall metal harps that resonate with the wind), 4 Large wind powered glockenspiels (turbines will turn musicbox-like mechanisms that strike tuned pegs at different tempos depending on wind speed), and 5 Rain drums (water dripping on these will trigger sounds similar to steel pans, additionally, mechanisms that collect water will tip when full, channeling water through different pipes onto the drums, creating  interesting rhythms). These instruments will harmonise together, the whole piece varying in feel and intensity as the weather changes. I hope it will serve as a calming and cherished place for personal reflection and appreciation of nature.

I think everything about this idea is wonderful, my mind instantly jumps to how this will have such a massive impact on the nearby schools. Music as an academic subject is dying out, schools are so focused on getting high grades in Maths, English and Science that subjects that encourage creative expression are fading away. Being able to take your students to see this monument would be, well, monumental.

I also think about the special needs schools in the area, how fantastic it would be to have young people visit this beautiful place of mystery, where noise is controlled by the weather, I think it would blow them away.

There is currently a kickstarter page to support this project, if you’re interested then please visit it here.

If you pledge £10 or more your name will be carved onto one of the instruments as a sign of your kindness. Announced today, if you pledge £90 or more, you will have a song written and sung for you by Jed Timms from the band Kumiko (Check out their music here). The song will be on a topic of your choice and you will own the royalties. Follow the Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on this project. If you’re feeling kind then please do donate, it will be going towards a fantastic development.

Thank you!

Lots of Love, Lottie xoxo


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