Best Christmas Idea Ever!

Last Christmas our family started something that is possibly my new favourite Christmas tradition ever. We decided to get creative with our gifts – with disastrous effects. I will do a whole blog post on this soon, but there was one element to it that really made Christmas day special. My cousin turned up with 6 or 7 disposable cameras and announced the start of the Wright-Oxborough-Timms Photo competition. We had until the middle of January to take the winning photo from a few categories. Of course, it didn’t all go to plan, some cameras went missing, others had flash malfunctions and most were subject to bad photographers. But I’m going to share with you some of my favourite photos.

The cameras add such a 90s vibe to the images and really capture Christmas Day wonderfully. The fact that you can’t look back and delete, edit or retake the images was so refreshing considering we live in a world where media is completely dictated by what we personally think is beautiful. These images capture the raw emotion of Christmas Day and I couldn’t ask for a better gift. (Although it did take a year for the images to finally make their way to us).

If you’re looking for a fun and memorable way to remember Christmas then I would definitely recommend doing this. Although please note that due to laziness we are going high-tech this year and using mobile devices – this is simply a convenience thing and if I had my way we’d still be going old school. I’ll write another blog afterwards and we can compare the results. Stick with the disposable cameras if you can, it’s magical!

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Lots of love, Lottie xoxo



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