Christmas Gift Guide: For Pets

Welcome to Blogmas day 3, I can’t believe I’ve been so productive! Pat on the back for me🙌🏻

Following on from yesterday’s gift guide for her, it would only make sense that today’s post will be a gift guide for…pets.

Got to have our priorities in order, sorry boys, you’ll get your turn eventually. Our furry friends deserve to get festive too!

Before we begin let me introduce my own big baby, Buzz. We always knew we needed a Disney inspired name but when my father turned up with a Staffy we also knew that we couldn’t let him be bullied by other days by naming him something like Tinkerbell. So he’s Buzz (Lightyear) and he definitely takes me to infinity and beyond, he’s my world.

image-20.jpg So inspired by Buzz, here are my top gifts for your four-legged friends this Christmas.

Similar to my last post, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without fizz and that shouldn’t exclude our precious pets. Why not try some of this Pawsecco, available here from £2.99. Of course it’s non-alcoholic and is full of healthy, natural herbs, the perfect tipple for tiny tummies.

If your pet is after a more macho vibe then get them raising a glass of pet-friendly beer instead. Served with tasty liver treats and presented in gorgeous dog house packaging. Find it here for £10.

We all like to be spoilt on Christmas Day and our pooches are no different. Treat them to some of this Doggy Popcorn from the Barking Bakery, the tastiest way to start Christmas Day. Find it here for £3.

Another fantastic choice from the Barking Bakery would be this Iced Woofin. With natural ingredients and fantastic flavourings your pets will love this perfect pupcake. Find it here for £3.50.

Now for the toys, Christmas is all about the toys. If you have a feline friend then why not try these stuffed chocolate dipped strawberries? Infused with catnip to give your cat a little taste of luxury. Find them here for £13.33.

This bone from Mutts & Hounds is absolutely beautiful, I love grey and white together as I think it’s minimal but still sophisticated. If you want your pup to look the part then this toy will do the trick. Find it here from £18.

After a long day of celebrating, your pooch needs somewhere to curl up and relax. To me, grey is the perfect colour when it comes to luxury and I love the vibe it gives off. This dog bed is perfect and will fit in with the colour scheme of most homes. Find it here for £15.99.

My own pup is always giving off odours that I didn’t know were physically possible to produce. So this dog cologne is like a dream come true and for only £12.95 it’s the perfect gift, not only for your dog but for your nostrils too. Find it here.

Another grooming product is this waterless shampoo. Buzz hates water, really hates it. But unfortunately he smells terrible a lot of the time so water is a necessity. This product may be a life saver as it cuts out that middle man, of course this is only a temporary measure in between real washes but anything to make my pups life easier is good for me. Especially at Christmas! Find it here for £4.49.

Finally what is Christmas without a lame, over the top festive jumper? Keep your furry friend in fashion with this fluffy jumper from Next. What a cute little puppy pudding. Find it here from £8.

Treat your pets well this Christmas and please remember if you’re receiving or giving an animal as a gift that they are looking for lifetime companionship not just a Christmas vacation.

Hope you’re enjoying Blogmas so far and I hope December is treating you well!

Lots of love, Lottie xoxo


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