Blogmas begins! Prepping for Christmas: Budget Edition

I can’t believe we’re in December already, did 2017 even happen?

But we all know what happens when December comes around, we don our Santa hats and become generally merrier people, oh and Blogmas begins! We’re going to take a walk down Winter Wonderland Avenue and talk all things festive! If you’re a Scrooge who cracks out a single smile all year, the following images may be distressing…

This year I’m living in a new house, my own house, where for the first time ever I don’t have a ton of Christmas decorations that my parents collected over the years. How am I going to survive without all those rotting Christmas baubles they collected back in the 80s? But this means, dare I say the dreaded words, Christmas has to be cheap. The pain😩. So my first ever Blogmas post is going to be Prepping for Christmas: Budget edition.

Let’s start with the Christmas Tree. An essential. Life can’t go on without a pointed pile of plastic leaves. I am all about things that can be reused over and over again so I am looking for something that I can use more than one month a year. So this is the look we’re going for…

Perfect for adding a bit of sophistication to your home as well as bringing out the festive feel. The tree featured is a John Lewis Tree, the collection can be found here. But it comes in at a total price of £100, not bad for something that can be used for more than just Christmas (inside the house and out). But we’re on a budget so why not buy the dupe from B&M Bargains for £40? Get it here.

Next on my Christmas extravaganza super festive jingle bells elf shopping list are Fairy Lights. Fairy lights are so in fashion right now and provide a gentle ambience to any room, who even uses the main light anymore? If you buy warm white lights (and I recommend warm rather than cold) they can be used all year round and used in so many different ways. Here are some of my favourite demonstrations from Pinterest:

Buy some for £3.99 here.

Decoration is key, I’m one of those strange people who enjoys having a Christmas tree theme. This year I love the pale pink and silver combination so my tree would follow this colour scheme. I’d get three or four nice baubles, such as these from Paperchase for £5.25.

(Get them here)

A collection of cheap but pretty baubles, £4.99 from B&M Bargains:

(Get them here).

And one nice bauble that represents my year somehow, this year my Grandmother got me a knitted elephant wearing a pink scarf called Nelly that represents my time spent in Africa at the end of last year.

Of course your tree is up to you, the more creative the better! If you have any crazy/pretty/extravagant tree designs then please do share them with me, Tree watching is my favourite hobby.

Finally, the smell. The only way I know it’s Christmas is when I can smell things before I see them. Be that baking gingerbread, mulled wine or cinnamon. We recently purchased a wax melt burner from Tesco (I can no longer find this on their site – but it only cost us £3 or so). Once you have this the melts only cost you around 60p and they smell divine. I’m a big candle lover and this is revolutionary to me. If you truly want to get into the festive spirit why not purchase this little guy? Currently on sale at Yankee Candle £11.19. Get him here.

I wish you all the best for your Christmas ventures and I hope you’re going to join me on mine. Send me your best tips on Christmas prepping on a budget and we’ll all be budgeters together!

Lots of love, Lottie xoxo


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