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Hello all x

I apologise for not posting as often as I want to, I’ve been struck down by a horrible, disgusting, vile cold and I’m convinced that I’m slowly falling apart. So I’m spending the majority of my time either asleep or watching tv with hot chocolate and covered in a variety of blankets. Yesterday I watched the whole of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries and sobbed my eyes out, so I think I’m all sniffled out now.

At the moment my life has so many elements to it. I’m trying to balance a healthy lifestyle, a constant workload and a hectic social life. Sometimes it’s easy to disregard the small things. This is where Pinterest comes in. Organisation is such a big deal to me now that when I saw a certain pin I knew my life was saved. I quickly replicated it to fit in suitably with my own lifestyle and started using it on a daily basis.

This page is from August. It gives you an… interesting insight into my private life. This was the first page I ever did and I’ve specifically used this one so that I can talk through which categories I chose to keep after a month and which I ditched. As you can see I used two colours but this doesn’t mean anything of significance, it was just so I could distinguish the individual categories more easily.

The first category I chose to ditch after this first month was ‘Good Deed’, although it’s great to see when you’re helping people out, it was always disheartening to reach the end of the day and not be able to tick it off. You don’t always have to do something special to be a nice person, instead of one, single good deed I am simply trying to be a more friendly, energetic and smiley person in the hope that this alone will be enough to brighten someone’s day even by the smallest amount.

The second one is Period (sorry to all the males reading this) but ladies, I discovered an app called ‘Flo’ which has been a God send to me. Based on the information on the tracker you can see that I have a difficult relationship with my uterus, so having something that can track and analyse the way it’s working is so important to me. Using this app is the easiest way to track your period, any side affects you may have and it gives you fantastic advice. If you’re looking to get pregnant it also help you to identify when you’re at your most fertile. Definitely would recommended it! But for that reason I no longer include it on my tracker.

The one category I’m really trying to push myself on now is the fruit and veg section. As you can see I struggle with this for some reason. But I’m all about ensuring I have a healthy lifestyle and I at the end of the year I will share with you my December tracker to compare how effective it is at pushing me to achieve my goals. (I know Christmas is in the middle of that so I guess you’ll just have to give me some leniency – I’ll eat a Brussels Sprout if I have to).

Ultimately I love this method because as Anne Frank once said ‘Paper has more patience than people’ and I know that my little tracker won’t judge me when I don’t fill in one of the squares. P.s. (This is my favourite quote ever and if you haven’t read her diary then I truly recommend you do, it’s fascinatingly, heartbreaking look into her devastating story)

Lots of love, Lottie xoxo



  1. Anonymous
    November 13, 2017 / 2:02 pm

    I’ll remember the Brussels sprout bit on Christmas Day and I’m sure yourDad will. I’ll make you a fruit pack instead of chocolate eh?

    • November 13, 2017 / 2:05 pm

      No! I take it all back! Give me all the chocolate!x

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