Sister’s Birthday Haul

Happy birthday to my gorgeous little sister! Well I say she’s my little sister but for starters she’s taller than me and secondly I don’t think a years difference really accounts to much. Family is super important to me and having spent the majority of 2017 away from home, birthdays are the one time where we really get to spend time as a family unit. But before I run off to join the fun, let me share with you what beautiful products I splashed out on for my sister’s special day:

This picture features the three main items that I purchased, and also the three first items that I purchased.

BH Cosmetics Brushes – £22

I’m someone who looks to use makeup, like really really love it. My sister on the other hand, doesn’t. But she does enjoy putting on eyeshadow so she asked me to look for some brushes that are designed specifically for that purpose. Now I know my sister and I know that if I bought a set of super expensive brushes with labels for blending and creating cut crease looks, she still wouldn’t have a clue what to do. So when I came across this set of BH Cosmetic Brushes on Beauty Bay I knew that these would be perfect. They’re beautiful to look at and can be used in whatever way she wants to use them.

They also came with the free brush pouch that’s featured at the back, a beautiful colour and brilliant way to store them when you’re out and about.

Brush holder – Oliver Bonas £24

I hadn’t originally intended to get her a brush stand as well (talk about spoilt) but the second I saw this in Oliver Bonas I fell in love. I’m really into marble right now and I think it adds such a classy look to any room. This stand is a statement piece on its own and would look fantastic on any makeup desk.

Ring holder – Oliver Bonas £7

This was another Oliver Bonas purchase and one that I was tempted to keep for myself, but I’m clearly much too generous a person. Me and my sister have been collecting rings for so long and never have anywhere to put them. This is a beautiful way of storing them and fits in with the classic theme of this years gifts. For only £7 the quality of this product blows me away.

Okay, now for the less expensive gift fillers, if you’re thinking ahead already to Christmas then these would be ideal stocking fillers. Cheap, cheerful but still a beautiful collection of useful gifts.

Primark bobbles – £1

These are tiny hair bands, designed to fit on the end of plaits. I almost fell over when I saw these, I’m sure they’ve been around for years as well. But the amount of times that I’ve been stuck with a giant scrunchy to hold in a delicate plait is unreal. Amen to Primark for this revelation.

Primark Marble tweezers – £1

Again with the the marble. If anyone wants a suggestion for where to go right now in terms of finding makeup and beauty products, Primark has a phenomenal range in. Don’t spend unnecessary money when Primark can fulfil almost all your needs.

Hollister spray – £3.99

Keep an eye out for Hollister sales, I love a Hollister spray but refuse to spend full price on them. In this instance Hollister was being an angel for selling them at this price. Eyes peeled ladies!! Share any other fantastic deals you have found with me below!

Tony & Guy Heat Protect – £3.50

Natural Collection Mascara – £4.99

Two masks – Primark £1.80

Photos – £7

The last group of products were all self explanatory, I hope. But I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing where all my money has gone this month. For now I’m off to enjoy this special Friday with my family!

Lots of love, Lottie xoxo


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  1. November 4, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    Loved this post, that brush holder is gorgeous! X

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