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Happy Saturday!!

Let’s talk makeup💄

Makeup has always been a major part of my life, I’ve never necessarily been good at it and I’ve never really needed to be but I love it all the same. It’s reached that point in the year where I seem to be scraping the final remnants out of each product, forcing it to last way beyond its expiration date. But with Christmas coming up and November being the most popular month for birthdays, I can’t afford to replace them right now. How selfless of me. That being said, Christmas is coming up. *hint hint*

I’m going to have a quick look at some of my all time favourite products and see why they’ve managed to work their way into my makeup bag.

Let’s start with my current all-time favourite moisturiser, the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. I’ve never been one who enjoys doing the everyday face routine, I’ll have a quick face-wipe and splash of water and I’m ready to go. This moisturising lotion really has saved my skin, I have been cursed with laziness and I can now pretend that I’m an actual functioning human being. It forms a creamy base for your skin, perfect if you’re prone to dryness. I’ve also featured my new Daniel Wellington watch on this image because it was my birthday and I was spoilt and I love it. You can get the Clinique moisturising lotion from most department stores featuring a Clinique stand such as Debenhams or House of Fraser, or be inspired by my laziness and get it here without even needing to move your butt. (£18-£30 depending on size)

Moving on…

Here we have everything I use to create, build and mould my face.

Estee Lauder Double Wear: I’ve always struggled with buying foundation because there’s always something that isn’t right. The Double Wear foundation provides me the least hassle, it feels lightweight whilst still providing enough coverage to cover any problem areas. I currently don’t use a pump with this bottle which means I often have wastage. To solve this I tend to mix my foundation with the Simple Skin Care Range Light Moisturiser, to encourage me to use less and give me a more lightweight feel. Overall, this is the top dog of foundations, the creme de la creme, the chief of all chiefs – buy here for £32.50

Clinique All About Eyes Concealer – I have only ever used one concealer and I’ve never felt like I needed to use another. I have inherited extremely dark under-eye circles and yet you’d never know, the coverage is fantastic and it doesn’t get too cakey. However, take into account that depending on your foundation, the concealer does tend to last longer, meaning that once your foundation has worn off then it may be drawing more attention to your eyes than necessary. But in that instance try adding a small about of Clinique All About Eyes Moisturiser or buy a better foundation (see above). Buy now for £17.

Clinique Almost Powder: If you haven’t already noticed I’m a bit of a Clinique buff. This is something I’ve inherited off my mother, once I’m attached to a brand I’m pretty loyal. This powder has been my longest used product and I’ve never found anything better. It has stuck by me through thick and thin, through camping and award ceremonies. Suitable for all occasions. You can use it as a stand alone product or as part of your heavy makeup routine. It covers everything perfectly and doesn’t fall cakey on your face, this is my go to product for everyday life.

This is my newest product and one that I have completely and utterly fallen for, it’s the Jolie Bom Dot Com Glitter Palette and it’s perfect for artistic work or a classic look. For so long I’ve been looking for a palette that added enough of an effect to my eyes that it was worth the price, the colour range is brilliant and there’s an effect for every occasion. (£25.99)


My favourite Ted Baker Lipstick and MAC Prep & Prime. I’m not a big lipstick person, I don’t like getting too overdone and lipstick is the quickest way to looking overdressed. I tend to use a cheap gloss to prep my lips and then dab the lipstick on until I’ve got an ample amount of definition. I’ve started using it increasingly more heading into Autumn as it’s the perfect autumnal colour. Unfortunately they come as part of a box set and can’t be purchased individually – here’s a link to Ebay where you can get them cheaper for around £6/£7.

The Mac Prep & Prime is the best place to begin when applying your make up, it supports your foundation and helps it avoid caking on your face. I find that my makeup lasts so much longer when I use this product than the times when I don’t. It has a slight shimmer to it which is great if you’re prone to dry skin. (£21.50)

Combine all this with cheap mascara, bargain eyeliner and a 2 year old eyebrow kit and you have the below look. Classic, with a nice touch of ‘haven’t slept in a few days.’

s was the first time I’ve done a makeup review, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I look forward to doing more of these in the future. Looking more at drugstore makeup and, heading into winter, a collection of winter favourites.

Ta-tah for now!

Lots of love, Lottie xoxo



    • October 28, 2017 / 2:29 pm

      Thank you so much!! Yes it’s insane! I’d been looking for one for so long I’m so glad I finally stumbled across it!!x

  1. Anonymous
    October 29, 2017 / 10:54 am

    Well I like your style sweetie! You have now given us a complete list for Christmas – what we can afford!! Just get over this week with birthdays. Lovely to read your blogs again. Hugs xx

  2. October 29, 2017 / 5:25 pm

    Really informative! A lot of stuff there I cant wait to try. heard a lot of good things about the Estee Lauder foundation. Will follow! <3

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