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Let me start this by wishing my mother a very very happy birthday! I wish I could be with you to celebrate this special day. Oh, wait.
East Midlands airport? The M1? CADBURY CREME EGGS? This can only mean one thing.

Hello England.

Yes, I have decided to take a small break from my luxurious life in Menorca to visit family and friends back in my small, wet and cold hometown in England. I am roughly half way through my project already which means I am now running out of time to visit my home before I actually depart Menorca for good. I always wondered as a kid ‘Who would come to England on holiday?’ but I guess that’s exactly what I am doing right now.

Last week was my mother’s birthday, she’s never been one to celebrate so it probably didn’t even cross her mind that I’d come back and surprise her for such an insignificant event (we won’t tell her that I came back for Easter and the lifetime supply of chocolate instead). No, I would not miss my mother’s birthday for the world.

Mother’s are strange creatures, it’s not until you get to a certain age that you realise that the odd and unexplainable behaviour of stopping you eating too much ice cream or preventing you from going out with certain people came from a place of love and affection rather than of alien territory. My mother is one of the most caring, considerate and patient people you will ever come to meet. As with everyone, she does have her faults, an unhealthy addiction to her crocs and a slightly concerning obsession with Columbo but I guess we can’t deny her those things. What I do know is that I would not be where I am today without her. 

I know my mum is special, my friends always told me this, in fact I think the majority would come to my house more often to visit my mother than myself. As me and my sister have got older, our relationship with our mum has only got stronger. I’ve found that my mum tends to get younger and more immature the older she gets. We have a relationship that is more a close friendship than that of mother and daughter, three immature little girls who all enjoy eating crappy food and watching our favourite TV shows together. Sometimes our father even joins in and becomes the fourth member of our little girl group  but he’ll usually fall asleep before the title credits.

I’m writing this ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about blogging and instead can focus on spending time with my family. But this means that I don’t know yet how incredible it will be to be a united family once again. I’m not going to ramble on but I just thought it was important for everyone to know just how much I love them. Making my parents proud is my all time motivation and I know that if I can achieve half of what they have in my lifetime then I will have over-achieved my goals.

Let’s make this birthday one to remember shall we mother?

This blog is officially one week late in being published. There are a couple of reasons for this, the first being that I had to spend almost all of my time in England cloaked in a veil of mystery so that I could continue to surprise various family members with my presence throughout the week. Reason number two is that I honestly haven’t had time. Going home was something so wonderful for me that I couldn’t tear myself away from the whole experience even for a second. We visited some of the gorgeous natural places around my home such as Sherwood Forest and Clumber Park alongside eating out at some of my favourite restaurants. This includes the popular Cosmo all-you-can-eat buffet in Sheffield and of course my all time favourite Mcdonalds, which was in fact the first place I visited when my plane landed at midnight last Monday.


One of the most reassuring things when you’re living away from your family is knowing that nothing has changed whilst you’ve been away. From the moment I was reunited with my family to the moment I left again it felt as if the last three months or so didn’t even exist. I have come back to Spain feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next half of this project. Only one thing has changed since I’ve been away, my grandmother has managed to kick cancer’s ass right out of the door!! The best news I could have asked for upon my return to England.

But we’re now back in Menorca and ready for the summer.
See you in September England!

All my love, Lottie xoxo


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