Catch up – What's been going on?

So I haven’t had that much time to think recently. Time to think or time truly to myself. I know that I have the evenings where I curl up in bed and pretend that the next early morning isn’t right around the corner, but for some reason this doesn’t seem to motivate me to y’know, do anything. I embrace my evenings with Netflix and a can of caffeine free coke (because the last thing I need is a lack of sleep digging away at me too). Juggling morning Spanish language classes with work and blogging, alongside feeling inclined to also explore the island I am living on is finally catching up with me. But as much as it may sound like I’m ranting, this is more a long winded, feel sorry for me, kind of apology for not blogging as much as I wanted to the past couple of weeks. I am actually loving every single second. So let me update you on what has been going on here on our little island.

The main answer to that would have to be Carnival. As I mentioned in my previous blogs Carnival took place a couple of weeks ago, now this was great and I had everything prepared to write a hearty good blog until my phone packed up and died. RIP. Luckily for me however, I have a flatmate Sara who was able to send some photos and so now I am going to teleport you back two weeks and pretend that this was actually written on time.

The run up to Carnival has been pretty spectacular, I knew that it was a big festival here but how big, I seemed to underestimate quite significantly. Arriving to work and being plastered in yellow face paint and hoisted into dungarees was the last thing I was expecting. But we did make quite cute minions so who am I to complain? Fancy dress is taken to the next level during Carnival and for days after the event it would not be strange to see a stray gorilla walking down the street behind you. Bow ties, mustaches and hats were also among some of my other (less extreme) outfit choices for the week.

The following days included something so heart-warmingly beautiful that I can only compare it to being surrounded by 20 new born puppies. This day featured the whole population of Sant Lluis’ children dressed up as mini machines. It was the Carnival parade where each one of the three schools came together for the very first time to put on a spectacular show, all relating back to a theme of ‘Technology through the ages.’ Now seeing mini washing machines, radios and planes trot down the streets of Sant Lluis was probably the most adorable thing I’ve witnessed in my whole entire life. The effort and hard work that went into these outfits is easy to see and it made me feel so proud to now be a part of this beautiful community.

Now of course Carnival may look like a festival for children what with the bright colours and extreme outfits but please do not think that adults simply hide fearfully in their homes waiting for it to pass. Oh no, quite the opposite. Parades happen all over Spain, you would only need to login to my Facebook to see that. But on the 27th of February an event took place in Alaior that blew any other that I had ever attended out of the water. Now let me help you picture this. Imagine the busiest night out you can imagine in your local town, times that by 10. Now add in exotic fancy dress costumes, a brass band and a whole street/town devoted to celebrating this fiesta. Yes, it was pretty intense, live bands in the local square, drinks being thrown about everywhere. Luckily for me, being a lightweight party goer, our host for the night lived on the same street which: 1. Meant that we could return to the house to fill up our drinks rather than purchase overpriced beverages from the clubs and 2. Meant that my bed was only three minutes away from whichever location I found myself in.

Now I wish I’d got more photos of this, but of course with no phone and being unwilling to take my camera into the danger zone these ones will have to do. But I think you can tell we had a pretty great night.


Honestly I think I may still be recovering, the party began at 2am (BEGAN at 2am!!!!) and never stopped. But well done Spain on showing this English gal how to party!

That’s all for now lovelies,

lots of love, Lottie xoxo



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