Disaster strikes

I have never made a very good adult and considering that I’m only 19 it hasn’t really been that big an issue until now, when I suddenly have to live alone, eat suitably and remember to wash my clothes. So I have decided to create this separate section for my blog as a bit of an insight into what my life actually consists of, yes I will continue to try to inspire with my traveling but you will also hopefully get to know the real Lottie. Who in all honesty, is still learning how to boil an egg.

Now I have been doing pretty well so far, I have been eating fruit (haven’t quite made it onto the vegetable scale yet) and I have been doing exercises. The past week or so I bravely ventured into the world of cooking meat in my meals, previously hindered by my fear of food poisoning. But I was improving and everything was going well. Until disaster struck.

My phone decided to pack up and die. Rest in peace my loyal friend. Now this is a nightmare for me as my phone was my very best mate here. She kept all my photos safe, she was where I made all my blog notes and she was my way of contacting home.Now that’s all gone. I feel like I’m back in the stone age. I was going to write a blog post about Carnival this week and the collection of photos I had was fantastic, please note the word ‘had’, past tense. These photos are no more. There’s a lesson in there about how at the end of the day it is vital that you back up your photos. My laptop and Ipad are second best to my phone and at the minute will have to do as a replacement bestie. But I want to apologise in advance if my blog posts include pictures of a much worse quality and content with a sad undertone.

I hope to have a new phone delivered in imminent months, but as with anything here, that’s entirely unpredictable.

Lots of love, a very sad and heartbroken Lottie xoxo


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