Doorway to Menorca

There’s something about the raw beauty embedded into the buildings and monuments here in Menorca that keeps me feeling like I’m living in another era. The modern mixed with the new is something so beautifully well done that until you consciously make note of it, it’s easy to let it slip by. Take the street I live on for example, one I walk down nearly every day, today I consciously made the effort to notice the buildings I’m walking past and look at what I see.

These two buildings are only one away from each other and it seems almost impossible to me now that I didn’t notice it before today. Over a month into walking past it on an almost daily basis.

I spent the remainder of my day exploring Mahon, Menorca’s capital city, most famous when labelled Port Mahon. Having felt likeĀ I’ve missed out on noticing so much already, I was adamant to photograph everything.

In conclusion I would say that Menorca is proving to be highly underrated. It’s larger islands, Ibiza and Majorca, tend to get much more attention. But why, I simply don’t know. Menorca is renowned for it’s beautiful beaches which I haven’t as of yet had the pleasure to explore, I am basing this on it’s masterful architecture and narrow cobbled streets. If the beaches prove to be better than this then I am in for a treat when summer comes around.

I want to end this post by emphasizing how much the statues pictured strongly remind me of my time in Greece and doing research this evening I found that Crete was a big influence on the development of monuments such as these, proving that cultures have always been intendedĀ to be shared.

Happy Friday, love from Lottie xoxo


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